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Thread: MyHeritage vs. The Rest

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    MyHeritage vs. The Rest

    My Heritage is basically, a generalization. It misses some stuff, but has the main things, I guess. Why are their results so different compared to Ancestry and 23andMe? Is it because they don't have enough population samples? I uploaded my 23andMe and Ancestry files to their site. Here is the one that makes the most sense. DNA.Land and MyHeritage found the most Italian. At one point, Ancestry said 1% Italian. 23andMe can't figure it out at all. And I think FTDNA found it. I'm Finnish and Native American everywhere except Ancestry. And in total with all the versions of Native American that I am. I'm about 1.59%. It's a mixture of Mayan / Zapotec, Siberian / Arctic, and South American Amerindian, from my Caribbean side.

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