I want a test with Modern populations and I feel that is the only way to get clearer results. I feel like companies resist using them to make our results seem more cool and exotic.

By Modern I mean distinct genetic populations that have formed in the last 400 to 1000 years. Afrikaners, Siddi, Yanks, Romani, Malagasy, ADOS, Puerto Ricans, etc.

Looking at the data these populations are detectable as distinct populations with just as much genetic distance as other populations they make distinct categories for.

For instance in this pic ASW represents 'African Americans' (Colonial Descent) as is a detectable population.


Another example.


YRI is Yourba which is what they'll usually use to tally percentages since it clusters with ASW but ASW is a distinct population with clear genetic distance.

Here is one with CEU which represents 'European Americans' or those with significant colonial US ancestry of Euro origin.


Another with Afrikaners12915_2020_746_Fig3_HTML.png:

Am I missing something? I know the distance isn't vast but it's comparable to others. It just feels like something is missing with all of these results.