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Thread: Some Malagasy gedmatch results

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsakhur View Post
    3. Also not sure about his ethnic group. This is the most African shifted Malagasy individual I ever saw which is at 75% SSA. Oddly, he also score the highest West Eurasian admixture among the three Malagasy individuals I posted at 6-8%. His Western ancestry is either Euro or Arab but I am not certain.

    Great thread! I am sharing with a couple of Malagasy persons as well as 1 Comorian on Ancestry. The regional labeling is different of course and not to be taken too literally when referring to modernday countries ;-). Stilll pretty much a similar range and variation in admixture. Only one of them is most likely Merina (with some minor Vietnamese?) while the other two are from coastal areas. First one has a combined African total of 86%, which is also the highest I have seen otherwise for Malagasy people. But quite similar to the Comorian sample.

    I have actually received detailed confirmation about his background. His family being from the northeastern coastal area of Madagascar. And very interestingly also including one Makoa, a.k.a Masombika grandparent. Both terms referring to Mozambican Makuas who arrived in great numbers as enslaved captives in the late 1800’s in Madagascar. Not always actually being ethnically Makua individuals, as it was more used as an umbrella term. But obviously related to the inflow of Mozambican captives also in neighbouring Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius, Réunion and Seychelles. This internal Indian Ocean slave trade circuit is often not known about among the general public in the West. While it can still be a sensitive topic for Malagasy themselves. Quite likely this particular background may account for the overall higher total African score for this person. And possibly it might also explain the relative proportions within his African breakdown between so-called western, eastern and southern Bantu. Especially a greater shift towards "Cameroon, Congo & Western Bantu" it seems when compared with the possibly Merina person.

    See also:

    Makoa people in Madagascar (Wikipedia)
    Slavery and Post-Slavery in Madagascar: An Overview

    MADAGASCAR (Northeast)

    MADAGASCAR (Southwest)

    MADAGASCAR (Merina?)

    Intriguingly also with some distant Vietnamese lineage. Which is very likely to be recent given the specification by Ancestry's genetic community tool (based on DNA matches beyond a certain threshold). Plus I have not seen such "Vietnam" scores on other Malagasy sofar.


    Quote Originally Posted by NetNomad View Post
    I assumed because of the long history of Arab traders in the African Indian Ocean region that Black African slavery (sold to the Austronesians) took place in Madagascar. But I guess that assumption was (mostly) wrong.
    Slavery certainly played a big role in Madagascar's history, however not per se along strictly racially defined lines. See also the reference I gave above. According to another source:

    "There was a slave trade in both directions across the Mozambique Channel, on the basic principle that a captive became more valuable as a slave the further they are taken away from their homes and their point of capture. So Malagasy were taken as slaves up the East African coast, and East African captives were traded to Madagascar during the 19th century in quite significant numbers. In Madagascar they were called Mozambican typically. They were not necessarily from what we know now as Mozambique, although some of them were. "

    In fact there was also a small flow of Madagascar captives being transported to the Americas. And it seems that especially among African Americans this may have lead to a disproportionately widespread even if greatly diluted genetic legacy. Based on DNA matches, haplogroups and Southeast Asian trace admixture such connections are clearly indicated. Intriguingly these DNA matches also include other people of partial Malagasy descent: South African Coloureds and Indian Ocean Islanders (Mauritius, Réunion, Comoros, Seychelles)! I am currently performing research on this topic and will blog about my findings eventually. See also:

    Slave Trade statistics for Madagascar & Mozambique
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