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    Quote Originally Posted by cheshire View Post
    Maybe from Insular ppl who fleed the Anglo-Saxon invasion? (sorry for the dumb hypothesis lol)
    But aren't some L21 subclades specific to the Iberian Peninsula to the point that these are kinda long disconnected from the Insular ones?
    That's actually the most shared theory how there is the existance of R-L21 in Spain and Portugal:

    So it's not dumb at all. Actually, there are iberians with the so-irish R-DF49 and the so-scottish R-L1335, they are not common at all, but you can find it. I think the most common clade among iberian L21s is R-Z253, a clade that is not that common among irish and scots, and this is why some people on FB are saying that this L21 was not brought by any brittish refugee, but with germanic invasion, taking in account the high quantity of L21 found on vikings and the frecuency in Iceland and Norway. I disagree with this one.

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