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Thread: DF27 aDNA Discussion Thread

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    My Haplogroup R now covers eleven predictable haplogroups under R-DF27 and as time allows, I will be adding several more smaller scope haplogroups. Unfortunately, I have not yet found any larger predictable haplogroups and the eleven predictable haplogroups only include 382 branches out of 3,782 (10.1 %). The characteristics of the population expansion of DF27 is not as favorable as L21 which cover 66 % of all branches. Here is the current list of predictable haplogroups:

    BY3194 DF27 14
    BY3253 DF27 31
    BY27680 DF27 5
    FGC23074 DF27 27
    FGC35878 DF27 9
    FT33763 DF27 13
    L881 DF27 20
    Y34472 DF27 20
    Y5058 DF27 77
    Y5109 DF27 26
    Z1513 DF27 40

    Here is a link to my "Haplogroup R YSNP prediction model" which uses only Y67 markers:

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    VK329, Viking Period, Denmark, CTS4065
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    Quote Originally Posted by MitchellSince1893 View Post
    Oh ok, I misunderstood. I thought you had discovered a way to look at all of a particular site’s samples eg El Argar samples.
    My post may have been confusing. When I went from my terminal to Z195, the El Argar samples went from 5 to 14. I noticed most of the mtDNA for these samples were varieties of K and H.

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    Recent article on the Argaric culture.

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    SWG008 Schleswig-Holstein 0.0213
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    Quote Originally Posted by MitchellSince1893 View Post
    Still waiting for my fellow R3747 sample from Zadar, Croatia Dated to 127 - 228 CE
    To show up
    R3747 is now showing up

    Zadar Poliklinika
    127 - 227 CE
    Shared Ancestor
    1550 BCE
    You and Zadar Poliklinika share a common paternal line ancestor who lived around this time.
    Zadar Poliklinika was a man who lived between 127 and 227 CE during the Roman Age and was found in the region now known as Poliklinika, Zadar, Croatia.

    He was associated with the Roman Era Balkans cultural group.

    Reference: R3747 from Antonio et al. 2022

    Phylogenetic Y-DNA analysis by FamilyTreeDNA. Ancient DNA samples are typically degraded and missing coverage, sometimes resulting in less specific haplogroup placements.
    Y dna branch U152> L2> Z49> Z142> Z150> FGC12381> FGC12378> FGC47869> FGC12401> FGC47875> FGC12384
    80% Brit/Ir-ish
    35% English/14% Welsh/15% Scot/11% Ulster Scot/5% Irish
    14% German/3% Scandi-Finn/2% French & Dutch/1% India
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