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Thread: Where ancestors of my matches were born

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    Thank you.
    Certainly worth a try.
    And I think we need to make more use of tools like this that are already there for us.
    Even if it turns out eventually some of these links are waaaay back in time somewhere, we will have sorted out others with CAs that are findable.

    Especially if we can be more selective as to region: county level in England or province in old Germany or modern Poland, for example.
    So many of these regions were very different from others, and some surnames can be spread right across them.

    The main time I look for just one country is when it is my own former colony, because there will likely be findable links from records I know how to locate and navigate.
    And they only go back a couple of centuries.
    (Although some of the CAs may be back another century in the homeland.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by firemonkey View Post
    I just used 15-200 cM for range .Typed a place into the
    birth location box and clicked search.

    It was probably a stupid idea. Misplaced curiosity.
    Not at all. I echo Saetro, and say we should make more use of these tools. They have great utility in potentially clarifying certain things with respevt to your personal case i.e. is high norwegian in ethnicity estimate associated to any shared Scandinavian ancestry?

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