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Thread: Do these PCAs reflect accurately where Native Americans are plot?

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    Do these PCAs reflect accurately where Native Americans are plot?

    Since Natives are around 60% ancient East Asian and 40% ANE, do these PCAs reflect accurately they are plotted?:

    For example, does this PCA based on the Gedrosia ANE K6 exhibits well where Native Americans are located genetically (Credits to the user Petalpusher from TA for creating the PCA)?

    And also this PCA: Totonacs are an Amerindian ethnic group from Southern Mexico. The PCA comes from this DNA study. The Bolivians according to this paper has some European admixture while the Totonacs are 100%/close to 100% Amerindian. CHB/JPT are Han Chinese from Beijing, Japanese from Tokyo while CEU are Americans of European descent from Utah and YRI aer Yorubas fo West Africa.

    Also one more: This PCA from the Malaspinas DNA paper on Botocudo genomes:

    So I wonder are these PCAs accurate?
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