I usually donít start threads, but I have a question that doesnít fit anywhere else.

Skin cancer is highly prevalent in my family and has been for several generations. I have even seen a copy of a letter that my 4th great grandfather wrote that describes my 5th great grandfather dying in what is probably the late stages of skin cancer. Everyone in my family who gets it has it in the same spots on their face that the letter describes. My father and 2 of my 4 uncles have lost a good portion of their nose to it. My grandfather died from it and lost a lot more than his nose. And now I have what looks like the discolored beginning a growth on the same part of my nose.

Iíve already talked to a dermatologist about removal.

Iím just wondering if I can download my raw data (from FTDNA) and check if I have the CDKN2A mutation on chromosome 9? Or would I have to specifically test for that with a medical test?