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    UMAP of (sub)modern Europeans

    To better get a global picture, I prepared an UMAP plot of the (sub)modern Europeans in Global25, including the recent VK2020.
    The plot shows 3 large and 2 small clusters. I have marked the VK2020 samples with a red V.
    The large cluster on the left are the Western samples.
    The upper cluster consists of East-European and North-East European samples.
    The third cluster represents South-Eastern/EastMed samples, including a Balkan offshoot with a single V.
    The small cluster at the bottom are 11 Sardinians and 4 Sardinian-like submodern samples and 1 ITA_Rome_Late_Antiquity.
    The small cluster on the right consists of 20 Sarmatians, 5 Cimmerians, 1 RUS_Nomad_MA and 2 Scythians.
    Of the 53 VK2020 samples in the upper East/North-East cluster nearly half (24/53) are VK2020_SWE_Gotland_VA. Only 18 Gottland samples are located outside this cluster.

    The next plot shows another UMAP.
    The West-European samples have been spread like an unrolled parchment.
    This plot suggests that the European samples near the left border are partitioned into three clusters.
    The upper blob has relatively the most VK2020 samples, but I do not see an attraction for specific groups.
    The middle blob has an attraction for modern Icelandic 10/12 and England_Saxon 6/8.
    The lower blob appears even less specific but has some attraction for DEU_MA 6/10 and VK2020_GreenlandE_VA 6/11.
    I am not yet convinced of the validity of this partition.

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