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Thread: Italian 23andMe customers

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    Quote Originally Posted by vettor View Post
    I also found more italians from italy that match me on myheritage then with 23andme and ancestry combined

    for the americas ............canada is my best , followed by brazil , then USA
    Same for my Central and Northern European matches. Those on Ancestry and 23andme are mostly American based, whereas on MyHeritage I got a lot more people residing in Europe and having 4 grandparents from one ethnicity or region.

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    Y-DNA (P)

    Italy (31)
    Has 1+ grandparents (31)
    Has 2+ grandparents (15)
    Has 3+ grandparents (7)
    Has 4+ grandparents (3)

    I'm mostly Spanish but I'm still investigating if I have any recent Italian ancestry. Many of my matches seem to be from Liguria. On AncestryDNA I have a cluster of 4x Zanone (and 1 Zanetti). On Myheritage only 2 people from Italy but over 200 from France (I have more from France than from Spain).

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