Hi Guys,

I recently came across the interesting surname of Boucher in my mother's tree (Mary Jane Boucher was my G-G Grandmother, born 1864). The line is English, from around the Birmingham area. Mary Jane's father was a Joseph Boucher, who is harder to trace - we don't believe he was born in Birmingham.

It was drawn to my attention that Boucher, as a French name, could have come in with the Huguenots. I checked in with the Royal Huguenot Society in London, and there are indeed several Boucher's who are listed as Huguenot immigrants in the appropriate periods in England.

I'm interested whether anyone else has experience of researching Huguenots (especially in England), and how I might best proceed. Also, whether Boucher could simply be a weird spelling of the regular English name Butcher? I've been told not, however...