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Thread: Regarding why there are Celtic influences in French, Northern Italian lands

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    Regarding why there are Celtic influences in French, Northern Italian lands

    bounded by the Rhône and Isère rivers and in the area around present-day Geneva. The Allobroges are first mentioned by the 2nd-century-BC Greek historian Polybius as inhabitants of a territory Hannibal passed through in 218 BC. In 122 BC the Allobroges attacked the Aedui, who appealed to Rome. They were defeated by Roman armies at the junction of the Rhône and Isère in 121 and again in 120 and were incorporated into the province of Transalpine Gaul. In 63 they provided the evidence for the conviction of Catiline and his associates. Soon afterward they rebelled against Roman extortion and were defeated and pacified. Under Augustus they were incorporated into the province of Narbonese Gaul (see Narbonensis), which was administered from the Latin colony of Vienna.

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