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Thread: Piedmont Ancestry in Chalcolithic West Asia (It's not just Armenia)

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    Piedmont Ancestry in Chalcolithic West Asia (It's not just Armenia)

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    "qpAdm confirmed for me that the Chalcolithic of Eastern Anatolia and the Caucasus required excess Levant PPN ancestry found in the Tell Kurdu individuals."

    I've noticed that Tepecik (which is Anatolia_N + some CHG and Levant PPN) is enough to cover whatever Anatolian and Levantine ancestry that many modern (like Georgians and Dagestanis) and ancient (many Kura-Araxes and Maykop Novosvobodnaya samples) Caucasians have. But certain other Caucasians, such Northwest Caucasians and Nakh (who I think are mixed with NWC) require some extra Levant PPN. Does it imply a flow of different Anatolian tribes into Caucasian genepool?

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