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Thread: The relation between CHG and Iran_N

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    G2a2b1 M406> FGC5081

    Quote Originally Posted by Korotyr View Post
    So far CHG can be associated with J only. Iran_N have loads of haplogroups - J, G, R2, probably L too.
    Yes G1 is kinda mysterious.L is related to T.R2 is prolly associated with ANE related admiture.

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    I think that the ANE in both came to the Near East 20 kya, in Iran with the Zarzian culture at that date and the Caucasus with the Imeretian and Trialetian cultures from 19 kya to 16kya onwards. I think that R2 would be mostly restricted to Iranian HGs/Early Neolithic Agropastoralists, while J and possibly G would have been shared with CHG. As for EHG and the Caucasus Piedmont Eneolithic, it's kind of a chicken-and-egg problem, as while CHG may have had admixture from the north, EHG (as far back as Sidelkino) certainly has CHG-like ancestry, which is the same as that seen in Piedmont Eneolithic, which is supported by uniparental markers like Y-DNA J1 and mtDNA T2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rozenfeld View Post

    Title: Metagenomes and ancient human lineages from a pre-LGM layer of Satsurblia cave in the Caucasus

    This presentation was made at the annual conference of ESHE in 2020. In this year the conference was held on-line. Many of the presentations made that year are posted here. Here is the full program for that meeting:
    Seems like there was quite a difference between Dzudzuana and Anatolians. You can see it on the ADMIXTURE chart, although it's still pretty vague. CHG looks like an Iran_N with elevated Anatolian component.

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    Suebi Kingdom Portugal 1143 Portugal 1485 Portugal Order of Christ Brazilian Empire Brazil
    CHG is just a subset of the broad Iranian component.
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    MDKAs before Colonial Brazil
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    mtDNA - Ilha Terceira, Azores, Portugal
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    It's a mystery to me as well. In spite of being told it countless times, I just can't see CHG and Iran_N as being the same and it doesn't help that the distance between them on G25 is large. They could have had the same ancestral source but drifted off very early on, leading to the drift we see between them.

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