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    You said "While populations hypothesized of having Ancestral North African are closer to Sub Saharan Africans relatively? Which means Ancestral North African did not go through the Out of Africa bottleneck while Basal Eurasian did."

    If there was gene flow exclusively from ANA to SSA in the early stages of the UP, 10-15k years after the separation of ANA from all other Eurasians, wouldn't it register as closer genetic links between ANA and SSA, even though ANA were part of the same original OOA migration?
    That would only be the case if every single African had over 50% ANA ancestry which obviously is not the case. ANA was more related to Sub Saharan Africans even with 0% ANA. What separates Eurasians and Africans is the big bottleneck. ANA split before the bottleneck. Keep in mind that im talking about the 45% African admix in Taforalt and 12% in Natufians. I don't know if they received Aterian admix like Kale said but whatever they were the Ancestral North African admix in Taforalt is definitely more related to Sub Saharan Africans.
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