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Thread: Genetic diversity Vs Genetic distance

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    Genetic diversity Vs Genetic distance

    What do they represent with regard to data that's often brought up in here, do they overlap in meaning?

    I'm new to this useful online space & I'd like to catch up with at least most of the used terminologies & admittedly am sure I've misinterpreted quite a few terms already but it won't hurt to refresh my understanding first with these two for now especially whenever they're used on pca runs that show regional clusters that don't correlate with my understanding of atdna.

    How do the non Eurasian admixed sub saharan samples always cluster so close together despite regions & stereotypes of genetic diversity while entire clines of clusters form with regards to MeNa_westeurasian_easteurasian_american samples showing a greater genetic distance between them compared to targeted genetic distances between Dinkas, Yoruba's, pygmies & Khoisans combined.

    What does this mean? I understand that there were multiple genetic bottlenecks over time, but I've always assumed it would've affected the Out of Africa group more & this somehow reflects with the amount of noticeably higher mutation rates on subclades in ydna CT & Eurasian mtdna L3 that are not in Africa but the whole genome sequences are interpreted differently on maps creating a single simple cluster for all Sub-Saharans and multiple clusters for non-africans in most of the pca runs I've seen.

    The attached file is of a map that I'm more familiar with, is it misleading & should it be updated to correlate with the pca maps, like the global pca map that I can't successfully attach from my drive for some reason that's similar to the pca maps shown here on non Africans being way more diverse in comparison?
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