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Thread: Position of SNP S1121 on the Irish Type II tree

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    Position of SNP S1121 on the Irish Type II tree

    I have recently updated my speculative Irish Type II (IT2) tree at to suggest the area in which SNP S1121 occurs. (Seek Note 13 and ye shall find). This is shown as associated with a subgroup comprising many, but not necessarily all, of those with a 13 to 12 mutation at DYS 533.

    The BISDNA C_2000 spreadsheet published in the past few days suggests that 7 out of 20 IT2 participants carry SNP S1121 but none to my knowledge has identified himself publicly. Nevertheless, I would appreciate their communicating to me in confidence if necessary whether the tree is consistent with their haplotype in this respect.

    Plesae note I shall be offline for several days from 28 February and shall anyway not be making further adjustments to this tree until some worthwhile analysis of BigY data has been carried out. Several BigY testers are to be found in the postulated area of interest.

    Kind regards = Nigel McCarthy

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