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Thread: GeneU - universal Y/Mt information platform for multiple genetic testing companies

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    GeneU - universal Y/Mt information platform for multiple genetic testing companies

    GeneU supports both English and Chinese, switch language settings (中文/English) on the top of page.

    I am owner of GeneU, my Y-DNA is R1b-Z2106-CTS8966 (yfull id: ELT50011)

    This is an update for GeneU, mainly for the display optimization of the paternal and maternal tree. One-click query of Y/Mt haplogroups, access to data of multiple gene companies, and keep real-time updates!

    Currently, it supports the paternal and maternal trees of three companies, which are WeGene, YFULL, 23mofang, and maintains real-time updates. The tree illustrate from the root node (Adam and Eve) to node of queried haplogroup, and you can continue down to browse the downstream haplogroups. The tree map can be scrolled to zoom in, zoom out, and pan for easy browsing. All of the above trees can be accessed through the haplogroup query entry of GeneU. You can enter YCC name or SNP name when searching (such as R1b1a1a2 or M269, which are equivalent in YCC 2018). The query result shows the list of haplogroups, different colors (blue, yellow, red) indicate the paternal or matrilineal trees belonging to different genetic companies. Click the small icon to show the tree and geographic distribution of the sample.

    For the WeGene tree, the haplogroup nodes on the tree such as R1b1a1a2a2c are the YCC 2018 version, and the corresponding representative SNP (Z2106), TMCA, and sample's surname statistics will also be displayed. Other functions such as browsing map sample geographic distribution, sending Private messages are consistent with before version.
    For the YFULL tree, the function of browsing distribution of samples including downstream of a haplogroup on the world map is provided. If you have a YFULL account, you can also send private messages. The YFULL tree diagram function is perfect, so the GeneU will not repeat the tree display, but link to YFULL's tree webpage. Note that the YFULL trees are all Y full sequence samples, so there are many newly discovered haplogroup branches formed by private SNP sites, which is slightly different from the tree shape of Chinese gene companies.
    For the 23mofang tree, the common ancestor time of the tree type and haplogroup is displayed, and no samples are provided. Note that his Y tree contains haplogroup by Y full sequence test. The haplogroup nodes on the tree such as R-Z2106 are the naming conventions for Y-SNP, and Z2106 is the representative SNP of this haplogroup, which can be used in common with WeGene or YFULL tree. For those who have done Y full sequence in this company, they will see Y haplogroup nodes formed by their own private SNP sites on the tree. The common ancestor time of such haplogroup nodes confirmed by Y full sequence will be marked as 60 years~ xxxx years.

    Note that the Y or Mt tree from different genetic testing company has the same Y-SNP naming for the haplogroups on the tree. For example, R-M269 refers to the same haplogroup in each company, but its corresponding YCC naming may be different. For example, in the YCC 2018 version used by WeGene, R-M269 is R1b1a1a2, but in the latest YCC 2019 version, it is R1b1a1b, so it is best to use R-M269 of Y-SNP to check the haplogroups of each company to ensure consistency. In addition, the tree structure of each company will be slightly different. This is because each company has different samples, different Y genotype results lead to different tree structure, or caused by using different version of ISOGG tree.

    Demo of GeneU

    One-click query of paternal and maternal haplogroups from multiple genegic testing companies, and data will be kept updated in real time.

    Y tree of WeGene

    Mt tree of WeGene or 23mofang

    Y tree of 23mofang

    Geographical distribution of samples including downstream of R-Z2106 in YFULL

    Geographical distribution of samples including downstream of O-M268 in WeGene

    Send a private message to users of WeGene or YFull, and WeGene or YFull will forward an email to notify him at the same time

    In addition, several worldwide celebrities Mt matriline were added to the homepage menu at the end, listing Warren Baffett, Queen Noor of Jordan, “Queen of Europe” Maria Theresa, and Elizabeth of France (anne of bohemia). and hungary), it can be seen that the matrilineal lines of Europeans are basically the H branch, and more celebrity matriline lines will be added in the future.

    It is estimated that the next upgrade of GeneU will be in the New Year of 2021, including Y/Mt genotype and ancestry admixture calculator. Different from the commonly used tools that we are using, it will update the benchmarking data in real time, optimize the algorithm, and ensure that the Y/Mt genotype and ancestry admixture results are more accurate.
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