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Thread: Hypothetical phenotype of A00 men

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    Hypothetical phenotype of A00 men

    What do you think what the earliest men with Y-haplogroup A00 look like? In my opinion, I imagine they look very similar to the Neanderthal albeit with more gracile features that almost look identical to the later anatomically modern humans or maybe the Bodo skull specimen.

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    The "Shum Laka paper" (Lipson et al 2020) had an ancient YDNA sample that was A00, but not ancient enough to answer the anatomical question you are asking. Also the remains were those of a child, and I don't know that an entire skull was present. If so, it was immature. Just in case you want to pursue it:

    That thread is almost unique in that a post may be found that (somewhat maddeningly) includes references both to OoA or OOA (the Out of Africa hypothesis), and to A00 (the YDNA haplogroup about which you have inquired). Most of the rather few references here to A00 are found in another section of the forum:

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    Im rolling with this.

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    There is a paper relevant to this sort of thing that you might want to check out:

    So "vLCA" in the paper likely had a phenotype similar to A00. Djebel Irhoud is actually a little too archaic, I think. It would be cool if some artistic reconstructions based on these models were eventually done.
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    I’ve tended to think that the original A00 men were similar in appearance to the Jebel Irhoud individuals (or their fossils, rather) from Morocco. So, quite modern-looking, but with some less common features, like a rather depressed nasal bridge and some plesiomorphic features, such as a slightly more elongated cranial shape, very pronounced brow ridges, and larger teeth. Jebel Irhoud and A00 also occupied a similar temporal range. A few other reconstructions of a Jebel Irhoud individual exist:




    In a way, the mention of some Neanderthal-like characteristics isn’t really far off. The Jebel Irhoud fossils were at one point mistaken for Neanderthal fossils. Still, though, their anatomically modern human characteristics are seen as quite clear today.

    Another fossil I think one could look toward (though, without an accompanying reconstruction) is the Florisbad skull:



    Edit: Michalis could be right in his assessment, too.
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    If I remember correctly, the nasal bone of the Jebel Irhoud skull is broken. I imagine if the skull isn't distorted like it is currently, the nasal part is pretty pointy and looks like Neanderthal's or maybe the Bodo cranium. There are several different reconstructions of Jebel Irhoud too so we can't take them as absolute truths, as most people who work with forensic when they're reconstructing skulls with full flesh most of the time it looks different from the real person. But those reconstructions could be useful for references.

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    I agree with keneki here. Michalis as well.

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