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Thread: Automated qpGraph: possibilities for the consideration of technically savvy Users?

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    Automated qpGraph: possibilities for the consideration of technically savvy Users?

    David (of Eurogenes fame) recently posted something of considerable interest:

    Rather significant, because it makes this type of analysis quite accessible for the rest of us. I myself dived in immediately... but alas, my laptop does not have enough juice! (I did have a desktop (a few months back) that would've been perfect for this)

    I know that this forum is home to multiple individuals with a solid grasp of qpGraph (Kale, Chad, David/Generalissimo, etc), but I'm also quite aware that manually exploring topologies is one hell of a pain (and perhaps somewhat problematic from a conceptual standpoint).

    With this no longer being an issue, can the experts here say whether any among them could attempt a comprehensive qpGraph topology that involves a substantive sampling of the aDNA record (with respect to Paleolithic/Mesolithic/Neolithic samples)?

    When I was attempting this myself, my goal was an automated graph involving:

    Archaic Humans: Neanderthal, Denisovan

    Africans: Shum_Laka_8000BP, Taforalt

    Broadly Eurasian: Ust_Ishim

    Broadly "West Eurasian": Kostenki14, Sunghir, GoyetQ116-1, Villabruna, Yana, MA1

    ENA: Tianyuan, LAO_Hoabinhian, MNG_North_N

    Near Eastern: Natufians, Pinarbasi_HG, CHG (Kotias + Satsurblia), Iran_N (Ganj_Dareh), Sarazm_EN, Shahr_I_Sokhta_BA2 (IVC-related)

    If anyone with the means could attempt this, that'd be pretty awesome.

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