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Thread: Experiment with Vahaduo modern scaled Distance Feature

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    Tierra de Ayllon
    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)
    Y-DNA (M)
    mtDNA (P)

    England Scotland Wales Germany Ireland Sweden Finns
    Quote Originally Posted by MitchellSince1893 View Post
    ...Distance to modern average modern pops scaled <0.030
    Distance to: Mitchell_scaled
    0.01574125 Scottish
    0.01608683 Orcadian
    0.01650065 Dutch
    0.01726285 Irish
    0.01745116 English
    0.01785504 Danish
    0.01849932 Welsh

    0.01990622 Shetlandic
    0.02007365 Icelandic
    0.02087607 English_Cornwall
    0.02265743 Norwegian
    0.02290444 French_Brittany
    0.02462293 German
    0.02550027 Swedish

    0.02831348 Afrikaner
    The following just for fun exercise really has nothing to do with your actual ancestry, but rather what pops you are closest to genetically.


    1. I took the inverse of the distances above bolded pops from vahaduo G25 (Didn't use Orkneys, Shetlands, Iceland, Afrikaner as they are population sinks rather than sources), to use as weighting in step 3 below, e.g Scottish 1/0.01574125 = 63.5

    2. Get decimal degrees for each region/country. I used this site If you do this, don't forget the negative sign(s) when applicable

    3. Went to this site used and started plugging in the lat long and weight for each country/region/pop

    4. Took a screen shot on full screen map and pasted results in ms paint and cropped, edited (e.g. lighter ocean color) them into one image.

    I was curious how the addition of more pops (each one with less weight than the ones before) effected the results. For the most part, I stayed in Yorkshire or just off the coast of Yorkshire in the North Sea. This is a common location for me on other similar exercises. I often come out in or to the east of county Durham or Yorkshire, between the Tyne and Humber Rivers i.e. old Northumbria., and occasionally in/off the coast of Lincolnshire and East Anglia toward the Netherlands.

    When the new Viking samples came out I plotted roughly in the middle of that group.

    Related to the above, here is a map of where the highest concentrations of Scandinavian surnames in Britain were found in 1881 census, which corresponds to where Danelaw was concentrated in Britain.

    The reason I said this is not reflective of one's actual ancestry but rather genetic, is illustrated by the fact that I don't genetically plot between my parents. A similar exercise involving my parents would put both of them to the West of me i.e more British/Irish than me. Just the luck of the draw on which dna segments I got from them. Mine happened to be disproportionately from both of my parents' German ancestry which pulls me east of them...making me more German than either of them. Mother is more Scandinavian/Northern shifted and father is more Irish/Western shifted.
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    Y DNA line continued: Z142>Z12222>FGC12378>FGC12401>FGC12384
    37% English, 26% Scot/Ulster Scot, 14% Welsh, 14% German, 3% Ireland, 3% Nordic, 2% French/Dutch, 1% India
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    Quote Originally Posted by MitchellSince1893 View Post
    I was playing with the scaled modern individual version of Vahaduo.

    When I used the distance tab, I noted that I had several Welsh and English individual samples, which is good based on my known ancestry; See my signature for my paper trail percentages.
    but when I run it on the single tab, they aren't there. Instead they've been eclipsed by the Irish, Dutch, Danish, etc samples which aren't very representative of my actual ancestry.

    So I decided to do a little experiment:
    On the Distance tab I set the Max output to 75, copied and pasted the results into a spreadsheet, and repeated process for 100 output.
    In excel I sorted the populations by name

    Of my top 75
    7 Danish
    2 Dutch
    6 English
    5 English Cornwall
    3 French Brittany
    5 Icelandic
    13 Ireland
    2 Norwegian
    5 Orcadian
    13 Scottish
    1 Shetlandic
    1 Swedish
    10 Welsh

    Of my top 100
    12 Danish
    2 Dutch
    10 English
    5 English Cornwall
    5 French Brittany
    1 French Nord
    2 German
    6 Icelandic
    18 Irish
    2 Norwegian
    6 Orcadian
    15 Scottish
    2 Shetlandic
    3 Swedish
    11 Welsh

    Using excel (copy/paste/sort) I figured out how many total samples there were for each of these populations, and calculated what percentage of the total I had for my cloest 75 and 100 samples

    The results: Percentage of total samples in my top 75 closest individual samples
    50% of Welsh (10 of 20 Welsh samples in my top 75)
    50% of Orcadian
    46.4% of Scottish
    41.7% of Icelandic
    38.5% of Cornwall
    33.3% Shetlandic
    31.6% of English
    28.6% of Norwegian
    15.9% Danish
    15.3% of Irish
    14.3% of Swedish
    7.5% of French Brittany
    3.1% of Dutch

    For my top 100 closest on the Distance tab
    66.7% of the Shetlandic (2 out of 3 total)
    60% of the Orcadian (6 of 10)
    55% of the Welsh (11 of 20)
    53.6% of the Scottish (15 of 28)
    52.6% of the English (10 of 19)
    50% of Icelandic (6 of 12)
    38.5% of English Cornwall (5 of 13)
    28.6% of Norwegian (2 of 7)
    27.3% of Danish (12 of 44)
    21.2% of Irish (18 of 85)
    14.3% of Swedish (3 of 21)
    12.5% of French Brittany (5 of 40)
    3% of French Nord (1 of 33)
    3.1% of Dutch (2 of 64)
    2.5% of German (2 of 79)

    Note that similar to my paper ancestry, the English, Scottish, and Welsh have much higher percentages than the Dutch, German, Danish, and Irish who tend to dominate my Single runs on Vahaduo.

    Curious if other members also see results that are also more reflective of their ancestry.

    I donít have too much experience with this but I have a similar issue. I am mixed of Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Southeast Europe and Middle East. Distance mode shows my European ancestry accurately where as single mode turns British Isles into Dutch or Norwegian and heavily over estimates Middle East, it also leaves out Eastern Europe and Southeast Europe often. When I change the ADC the Eastern and Southeastern Europe ancestry appears but the distances shifts to 2-5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andre View Post
    Ancestry: Romanians from Moldova and Transylvania, 25% Csango hungarian and 1/64 Ashkenazi

    TOP 100
    Italian:6 (Friul)
    French:1 (Alsace)

    Central Europe:11%
    Turkey: 6%

    How do you do this? I’ve read this thread so many times but I just can’t grasp it

    Nvm I’m just stupid

    Dutch - 3
    French - 45
    Romanian - 2
    Afrikaner - 12
    Hungarian - 4
    Belgium- 6
    Moldovan - 6
    German - 7
    Austrian - 3
    Italian - 3
    Serbian - 3
    Spanish - 1
    Slovenian - 1
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    Jewish (Turkey)

    Israel Turkey Spain
    Sephardi-9/10 90%
    Italian Jew-9/10 90%
    Romaniote-6/7 86%
    Moroccan Jew-3/4 75%
    Syrian Jew-1/2 50%
    Cypriot-10/24 42%
    Ashkenazi -36/88 41%
    Sicilian-2/6 33%
    Tunisian Jew-2/7 29%
    Libyan Jew-1/5 20%
    Maltease-1/8 12%
    Greek-12/213 6%
    Italian-8/200 4%

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    Venetian + CS Italian
    Y-DNA (P)
    mtDNA (M)

    Republic of Venice Friuli Vatican
    I've tried doing something similar.

    I've taken the top 50 first and the 100 individual samples for distance. Weighted them for their ranking and how many samples of the total for each reference population. Calculated percentages out of it. Not sure if it makes much sense (especially in the top 100 may give too little to populations like Thessaly which has only 3 samples and although all of them are in my top 100 with #1, #4 and #60 it shows "only" 8.4%), but here they are

    TOP 50

    15.6% Italian_Umbria
    15.0% Greek_Thessaly
    14.5% Italian_Tuscany
    14.1% Italian_Marche
    11.7% Greek_Peloponnese
    9.9% Italian_Abruzzo
    6.0% Greek_Izmir
    5.1% Greek_Central_Macedonia
    2.9% Italian_Piedmont
    1.7% Greek_Macedonia
    1.3% Italian_Lazio
    1.0% Albania
    0.6% Northern_Macedonia
    0.4% Italian_Apulia
    0.2% Turkish

    TOP 100

    16.8% Italian_Marche
    12.4% Italian_Abruzzo
    11.2% Italian_Tuscany
    11.2% Italian_Umbria
    10.1% Greek_Central_Macedonia
    8.4% Greek_Thessaly
    7.8% Greek_Peloponnese
    4.9% Greek_Izmir
    3.6% Italian_Lazio
    2.9% Italian_Piedmont
    2.8% Northern_Macedonia
    2.2% Albania
    2.0% Italian_Molise
    1.4% Greek_Macedonia
    1.0% Italian_Apulia
    0.5% West_Sicily
    0.3% Swiss_Italian
    0.2% Turkish
    0.1% Italian_Veneto
    0.1% Italian_Trentino
    0.1% Rumelia_East
    0.1% Italian_Basilicata
    0.1% Greek_Laconia
    0.008% French_Corsica
    0.004% Ashkenazi_Russia
    Deep Ancestry: 63.2% AUT_LBK_N + 36.8% RUS_Vonyuchka_En @ 2.6339%
    Ancient: 89.0% ITA_Rome_Late_Antiquity + 11.0% HUN_Avar_Szolad @ 2.4649%

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