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    Question J-Y83825

    Hi, I'm also Y83825, this branch is divided into some sub-groups and we are made up of Portuguese and Spanish, maybe 1 Turkish.

    Z631> Y87605> Y83825 may have some Balkan, Italic or Celtic origin, the route to reach the Iberian peninsula indicates a long journey within these about 1500 years (formed 3000 ybp - TMRCA 2400 ybp, Y87605 and formed 2400 ybp - TMRCA 1500 ybp, Y83825).
    We have a cousin derived from the Y83825 fully English branch, it is the FT137585, formed 1500 ybp.

    With the help of Hunter Provyn, I and others inside the Y83825 managed to discover a little bit of how we find ourselves inside the Y83825, and it seems that our Iberian origins may have emerged during the Middle Ages, perhaps in its beginning.

    Iberian J-Y83825_v4_Comentada.png
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