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    Red face Khoisan Ancestry

    I am soooo excited about this! I never knew who they were until I kept seeing it pop up in my DNA results from GEDMatch, in quite generous amount of 6.45% of my DNA!

    This is what prompted me to find out who they were, and I was blown away when I found out!

    AncestryDNA had already determined that I had 13% "SouthEastern Bantu" in my DNA, but GEDMatch is excellent at breaking it down more!

    These people are among the most genetically diverse people in Africa, and on the planet.

    It's rare for African Americans to have this DNA, on average we only get 0.30% . So it's something very very special for me. And I am honored. They are the FIRST people to inhabit Africa, and as we all know, every race in the world originated right in Africa before traveling outward.

    Although they are located in Africa, they are seen as "Capoids" as opposed to "Negroids". Due to their unique appearance. It is known that many South Africans have some degree of this heritage in their blood, which means that the Khoisan DNA traces can be part of a much larger Southern African heritage! I definitely need to look into my family line, 6.58% is equivalent to having a full blooded Khosian great great grandparent! So this is just as puzzling as it is interesting.

    I used GEDMatch tests which are designed for African Americans. Here are the results:

    Dodecad Africa9:
    Europe 11.19%
    NW_Africa 7.65%
    SW_Asia 4.12%
    E_Africa 5.02%
    S_Africa 10.88%
    Mbuti -
    W_Africa 53.30%
    Biaka 1.70%
    San 6.15%

    Nilo-Saharan 3.25%
    North-Africa 7.98%
    Mbuti-Pygmy -
    Eastern-Bantu 17.33%
    Khoi-San 6.45%
    West-Africa 49.42%
    Hadza -
    Biaka-Pygmy 1.28%
    French 13.17%
    Omotic 1.12%

    I also contacted the creator of puntDNAL in regards to these results:

    S_Indian 0.36%
    Mediterranean 5.72%
    Siberian 0.14%
    Wht_Nile_River 6.20%
    Amerindian 1.17%
    S_African 3.57%
    E_Asian -
    Caucasian 3.18%
    NE_European 7.71%
    Omo_River 1.62%
    W_African 68.19%
    Horn_Of_Africa 0.45%
    Oceanian 0.08%
    Beringian -
    SW_Asian 1.61%

    His response:
    Your results are not typical of an African American. Then again, there is wide range of results for African Americans. However, the increased White Nile indicates a more recent admixture from Eastern Africa and Southeastern Africa.
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    These Khoisan look so unique(And beautiful lol) while they also resemble East Asian groups with their small eyes and high cheekbones.Africa is indeed diverse!
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    Quote Originally Posted by drobbah View Post
    These Khoisan look so unique(And beautiful lol) while they also resemble East Asian groups with their small eyes and high cheekbones.Africa is indeed diverse!
    My mother has a lot of those features!

    My father always talks about her "cat eyes" LOL
    I always thought she had a very Afro-Asian look to her!
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    Herb...thanks of sharing all these discoveries. To find some Khoisan ancestry is really cool. Teasing out all this information from DNA just continues to amaze me. My sense is we are at the iceberg tip of discoveries as it is still early in the game for this area of study. Who knows what researchers are going to tease out of our genes regarding our histories. Maybe I'm being a big kid but I haven't lost my sense of wonder about all this.

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    I think may have made a connection to where this abnormally high amount of Khoisan results are coming from.

    They seem to be directly related to Native Americans..who of course migrated from Asia.

    My great grandmother was of Native descent. And Native results come up no less than 1% in every test I take.
    Does anyone have more information on this connection?

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    I am Black and I score around 7% Khoisan on every African based calculator

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