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Thread: What was the geographic border between East and West Eurasians?

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    What was the geographic border between East and West Eurasians?
    I think BachoKiro has shown the answer to that question is...
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    Quote Originally Posted by davit View Post
    Did they arrive there simultaneously or at different times? Or was the NW portion of South Asia West Eurasian and the eastern portion East Eurasian and then they met?
    Back to the initial state, if we ignore the archaics, the East Eurasians and the West Eurasians should be very similar. But later, the West Eurasians were affected by the African-like ancestries (including the Basal Eurasian), while the remote East Eurasians were less affected. So I think the original South Asians and even West Asians were closer to the basal East Eurasians, such as Onge-like, but modern Onge is too noisy to model with.

    The geographical barrier between East and West Eurasia should be reflected in the Y tree. Based on the observation of the geographical distribution of haplogroups, I think the split of y-C and y-F is the split of East and West Eurasians.

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