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Thread: Romanian/Moldovan Autosomal Admixture

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    Republic of Moldova
    Moldovan or Romanian
    Y-DNA (P)
    I-PH908*, DYS561=15
    mtDNA (M)

    Moldova Romania European Union

    Red face Romanian/Moldovan Autosomal Admixture

    I already have similar threads elsewhere on the web, and I thought that it would be useful to have it consolidated here.
    I run a national project for Romania and Moldova, where I get in contact with people to confirm their origins and donate their Eurogenes K13 results to me.
    This thread will present the results of my work. It will be updated once new samples arrive.




    Moldavia (Romania)

    Muntenia/Greater Wallachia (Romania)

    Oltenia/Lesser Wallachia (Romania)

    Transylvania (Romania)

    Banat (Romania)

    Crisana (Romania)

    Maramures (Romania)

    Dobrogea/Dobruja (Romania)

    PCA of those who identify as ethnically Romanian/Moldovan plus Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Gagauz from Moldova and Hungarians as additional anchors.
    For the easier legibility of the PCA, Banat, Crisana and Maramures are considered parts of Transylvania. Oltenia and Dobrogea are parts of Wallachia.
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    Recent ancestry: 2/4 Central Moldova (Orhei district), 1/4 Southern Moldova (Cahul district), 1/4 Northern Moldova (Briceni district)
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