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Thread: I got my G25 results and this is what they look like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cowboy View Post
    Hello, is this what you are referring to?
    0.122929,0.132019,0.048271,0.026163,0.0437,0.00557 8,0.007755,0.008077,0.000205,0.004374,-0.00341,-0.001649,-0.008622,-0.00578,0.007465,0.01538,0.011995,-0.00038,0.002137,0.009004,0.013476,0.004328,0.0003 7,0.006266,0.001197
    Yes, you can be modeled as a mix of these modern populations. Your Anglo-French-German parts are all mixed together, only the eastern or Slavic part is well separated. You don't seem to have Jewish ancestry.

    Target: Cowboy_scaled
    Distance: 0.0218% / 0.02181125 | R2P
    67.8	Italian_Aosta_Valley
    32.2	Cossack_Kuban
    Target: Cowboy_scaled
    Distance: 0.0200% / 0.02000604 | R3P
    41.9	Italian_Aosta_Valley
    33.6	French_Pas-de-Calais
    24.5	Cossack_Kuban
    Target: Cowboy_scaled
    Distance: 0.0178% / 0.01782820 | R4P
    39.7	Spanish_La_Rioja
    27.6	Dutch
    23.6	Cossack_Kuban
    9.1	Kubachinian
    [1] "distance%=2.9299"

    Ajeje Brazorf


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    Quote Originally Posted by anglesqueville View Post
    I don't want to sound too sarcastic, but this little exchange says a lot about a lot of things. For example on the informative value of these G25 "models" when the target is hyper-mixed, on that of these so-called French regional references, on the informative value of G25 distances. And of course on the mass of prejudices which still govern the thoughts of some. "Other French individuals would get similar breakdowns" ... delectable.
    What prejudices? If you attempt to break down modern French individuals with no other recent known ancestry like that (and I both assume the academic samples are at least generally careful about that and the fact that it appears in different regions makes me also think so), quite a few also get these kinds of Caucasus etc. traces which would mean nothing in their case but an attempt to get to their kind of general makeup. Try it yourself in Vahaduo. My point was precisely about some of these kinds of models not being particularly useful - probably even a model using distal ancient sources would be better since you'd get a general sense of your autosomal makeup and perhaps traces of actual "other" ancestry, especially if significantly different, might pop up there - especially if you don't have recent known mixed or "exotic" ancestry. Obviously a modern French individual (or someone with significant ancestry from the general area for that matter) can be modelled as ~ half French + half something that also gives you something close to French (Scandinavia + Caucausus + Spain + ...). I assume you agree with all that.
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