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Thread: G25 Austrian, French, Eastern Sephardim and other Jewish Coordinates

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    Your Mom, by the way, has about as much Yamnaya as I expected an AJ to have - halfway between Samaritans and Italians. So, could such elevated steppe ancestry in EAJ's be the result of genetic drift?
    She's SJ and has no less or more than her representative SJ group.

    Regarding the donor source for the Steppe? Well it looks like Roman Era Levantines start showing the presence of a very minor amount of Steppe unlike Iron Age samples, possibly derived more from Persian than Greek conquests. I don't know, but I'm doubting Hellenization and proselytism activities in the Levant explain even a significant amount of the Steppe in Western Jews. Everyone points to just Italy, but I think we are underestimating the mobility between Jews of North Africa with Italy, Greece and Asia Minor. For what it's worth, Tunisian and Libyan Jews have steppe levels about as high as Cypriots and some Karaite Egyptians have higher levels of Steppe than most Levantine Muslims. Much of the Steppe will be owed to an East-Mediterranean origin of some kind.
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