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Thread: Ancestry DNA transparency report: January 2021

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    Ancestry DNA transparency report: January 2021

    Ancestry Transparency Report
    January 2021
    US-based requests:

    Ancestry received two requests seeking access to Ancestry’s DNA database between July 1 and December 31, 2020. Ancestry challenged both of these requests, which were withdrawn. Ancestry has provided no data in response at the time of this publication.
    Ancestry received four valid law enforcement requests related to criminal investigations involving other crimes, including credit card misuse, fraud, and/or identity theft. Ancestry did not provide any data in response to these requests.
    Ancestry also refused numerous inquiries on the basis that the requestor failed to obtain the appropriate legal process.
    International Requests:

    Ancestry received no valid requests from outside the United States.

    National Security Requests
    As of December 30, 2020, Ancestry has never received a classified request pursuant to the national security laws of the United States or any other country. In other words, Ancestry has not received a National Security Letter or a request under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
    YFull: YF14620 (Dante Labs 2018)

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