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Thread: Pie charts of L151 to DF13

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    Pie charts of L151 to DF13

    I made pie charts, with the data of the number (and percentage) of people tested on FTDNA.

    This puts some haplogroups in perspective which are so small that they are invisible on the pie chart!

    Y haplogroup: R1b: L21 --> DF13 --> BY145002
    The oldest L21 known are I2457 et I2565 from Stonehenge (Beaker Culture, 2400-1900 BC)

    MTDNA: U4c1
    The oldest U4c1 known are "poz224", Yamnaya culture (2882-2698 BC), and 2 Bell-Beaker in Germany (Karsdorf, 2314-2042 BC)

    Paternal MTDNA: K1b2b
    The oldest K1b2 are Eastern European Mesolithic: Kunda Donkalnis5 (Lithuania), 6000 BC and Meso-Ene Lepenski Vir Lepe28 in Serbia, 5900 BC.
    The oldest K1b2b is Alt-3, Corded-Ware Germany (2500 BC)

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    This is pretty neat. It would be interesting to know how well these percentages represent actual prevalence (and to see similar charts for ZZ11).
    Based on my test and test results from matches who I'm confident are descended from a common ancestor, I should be under DF27>ZZ12_1>FGC78762>ZZ19_1>Z31644+.

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