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Thread: Worst results ever! Utterly dissapointed - should I try 23andMe?!

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    Worst results ever! Utterly dissapointed - should I try 23andMe?!

    I wanted to do my DNA test for years!

    Why? Because everybody I would ever meet their first impression was always that I was either from south Italy, Turkey, Morocco even Peru... I always found myself not looking like most of the people around me, even my parents, I always was way too exotic.

    So my partner bought me MyHeritageDNA and after weeeeeeks of waiting for results, I got exactly what I was afraid of:

    100% Balkans
    (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia (Vojvodina))

    That was it. Nothing else. Seriously, NOTHING else. I was never so dissapointed in my life No further explanation, no deeper view, nothing. Was this it? Is this all?!

    Also what do I make out of the below information? Do you guys suggest anything else to try? I am left more confused than not. I guess I was always trying to figure out why I look "different"...

    Thank you for any input!!!!

    I extracted the raw data and uploaded to yourDNAportal and this is what I get:

    EUtest V2 K15

    Baltic 20.79%
    Atlantic 16.56%
    East Mediterranean 15.85%
    Eastern European 13.47%
    North Sea 12.38%
    West Mediterranean 11.48%
    West Asian 8.65%
    Red Sea 0.46%
    Oceanian 0.37%

    Closest population distances:
    Bulgarian 0.749948
    Romanian 0.792061
    Serbian 0.963628
    Moldavian 1.116968
    Croatian 1.196235
    Austrian 1.436171
    Hungarian 1.515594
    Greek 1.586759

    Population percentages:
    Bulgarian 65.4
    Greek 8

    Eurogenes K13
    Closest population distances

    Serbian 0.769352
    Romanian 0.8305
    Bulgarian 0.872147
    Moldavian 1.039467
    Croatian 1.257916
    Hungarian 1.409343
    Greek_Thessaly 1.783458

    Population percentages:
    Bulgarian 57.8
    Serbian 7.8
    Southwest_Russian 3

    Baltic 31.29%
    North_Atlantic 22.84%
    East Mediterranean 20.06%
    West Mediterranean 15.64%
    West Asian 7.94%
    Red Sea 0.82%
    East Asian 0.61%
    Amerindian 0.24%
    Oceanian 0.56%
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    Y-DNA (P)

    Wow, those distances are tiny. You are very close their references.

    My closest population: Spanish_Murcia 4.39

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ibericus View Post
    Wow, those distances are tiny. You are very close their references.

    My closest population: Spanish_Murcia 4.39
    You want to see tiny. My K3 top ten.

    Least-squares method.

    Using 1 population approximation:
    1 Ukrainian @ 0.604327
    2 Belarusian @ 0.706792
    3 Georgian @ 1.122441
    4 Estonian @ 1.280759
    5 Lithuanian @ 1.342093
    6 Hungarian @ 1.430494
    7 Abkhasian @ 1.659627
    8 Bulgarian @ 1.800707
    9 Armenian @ 2.230497
    10 Loschbour @ 2.252837
    Eurogenes K-13
    1 Belorussian + Italian_Jewish + North_German + Southeast_English @ 1.607897
    2 Estonian_Polish + Italian_Jewish + North_German + Southeast_English @ 1.623309
    3 Belorussian + Italian_Jewish + Norwegian + West_German @ 1.652029
    4 Danish + Italian_Jewish + Lithuanian + West_German @ 1.692531
    5 Ashkenazi + Belorussian + Southeast_English + West_German @ 1.696746
    6 Belorussian + Danish + Italian_Jewish + West_German @ 1.701075

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    Wow, I thought those were quite off... I have added the rest of the distances and I guess they are all very very close, if your is 4.39

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    is it right? are you serbian? what did you expect?

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    It sounds like you formed preconceived ideas of your genetics based on others opinions, and now those opinions, and therefore your "perception" of "what you are", are completely off based on your actual genetic makeup (as accurate as current technology is), which is disappointing to you.

    I'm going to assume you're Serbian based on your results. If I'm wrong please correct me. As a fellow Balkan, do not be disheartened. Using other tools like G25, you might be able to find minor amounts of other things, but it looks like your recent ancestry is mostly all Balkan. There is a good chance 23andMe will give you similar results.
    Ancestry on paper: English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Croatian, Ashkenazi, Polish and Māori.

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    Oh yes, for sure, I agree that my recent ancestry is mostly Balkan (Serbian), I am not arguing that. I uploaded my results to some other DNA companies (like FTDNA) and got more detailed breakdown. I guess that was all I kinda wanted I mean, saying I am 100% Balkan is obvious, but where does my DNA go beyond that.. that's all

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    The results make sense based on your ethnic background (Serbian?)

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    You will love this

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    Wow... you sound just like me. I thought I'd be mixed and not fully Portuguese based on what people have said. I'd be told I look anywhere from Southern Italian, Greek, Morrocan, Turkish to Levantine. But then my whole family took DNA tests and we are overwhelmingly just avg Portuguese, lol.
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