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Thread: Worst results ever! Utterly dissapointed - should I try 23andMe?!

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    Well, being from a colonial nation, I am a fairly typical Euromongrel, with British and western and mid European.
    And apart from a couple of people, I thought they were all fairly boringly conventional.
    Tracing the lines back I found some interesting histories to go with that, although sometimes it was just the landowners my people worked for.
    Many turned out to have come from around a large hill famous for many centuries, and with online views in all directions and detailed archeological analysis of use on the hill for several thousand years.
    Eventually in another line I discovered a historical link to an Irish ancestor.
    The remaining DNA from that line all came from her husband, who came from a part of England that had no other connections for me.
    So yes, DNA helped with that, but it took documentary research to open up a possibility that DNA confirmed.
    In other cases, the DNA clue comes first.

    My point is that because many of my lines DNA have been lost over the generations, that other lines of enquiry may be useful.
    And that facts linked to DNA alone can be a bit limited.
    I love DNA genealogy strongly, but for me it is one member of the family research band.
    A prominent one, to be sure, but one among several who all contribute.
    And for me, from time to time, each technique sometimes steps forwards to take a solo.
    And sometimes they all play together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luso View Post
    Wow... you sound just like me. I thought I'd be mixed and not fully Portuguese based on what people have said. I'd be told I look anywhere from Southern Italian, Greek, Morrocan, Turkish to Levantine. But then my whole family took DNA tests and we are overwhelmingly just avg Portuguese, lol.
    Yeah, appearances can be misleading. My sister is very Mediterranean looking, she would fit anywhere from Spain to Israel. Turns out she's just Greek with decent Balkan influence
    She even scores less Middle East and West Asian in the calculators than me

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