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Thread: pre-print genetic differentiation at the site of Kulubnarti in Christian Period Nubia

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    I think M1a was an indigenous hg maternal lineage of NE Africa with M1b being the NW African variant considering M1b was found in a early Neolithic Moroccan sample.M1 and probably N1 are early back-migrants from West Eurasia (via Levant) into North Africa.I think it's clear that M1a arrived in the Horn from the North and I think ancient dna from NE Africa (Egypt + N.Sudan) will prove it.
    I think this is the case too BUT, considering its age and what we would think of its Norther Diversity it surely doesn't mirror northern M35 diversity. Nothing has seemed to indicated an origin north of Egypt using modern/ancient samples.
    That is why i think we just need to use different language when we describe these lineages that could be more indicative of its actual migration. If its true from M1a it could be true for some L lineages too, especially some restricted to the horn of Africa.

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    A little OT but anyone know how common A and B lineages are in Sudanese Arabs?

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    The Ja'alin carry 6% A with no B while a study of Sudanese Nubians I seen carry no A with 7% B

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