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Thread: Genomic Insights into the Formation of Human Populations in East Asia[

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    Y-DNA (P)

    Serbia Montenegro Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatia Split-Dalmatia
    I6367; 1258-1088 BC; Biluut 2, barrow 3, Tsengel sum, Bayan-Ulgii aimag, Mongolia; Mongolia_LBA; O2a2b1a1a-PAGE23>M1706>F438>F1754>F2137

    F2137 level: F2503+ T>C (5C); F2643+ A>G (4G); Y47389+ C>T (1T)

    F2137>A16636 level: A16636- T>G (1T); A16637- C>A (7C); A16640- T>A (1T); A16644- A>C (1A)

    F2137>F15823 level: *no calls*

    F2137>F15823>F1442 level: *no calls*

    F2137>F15823>F1442>F1123 level: F1123- A>C (1A); MF46239- A>G (1A); Y168992- A>T (1A); F3048- C>G (7C); MF16266- C>A (1C); Y168991- G>A (1G); F23807- T>C (5T)

    F2137>F15823>MF15397 level: *no calls*

    F2137>F15823>MF15397>MF15266 level: *no calls*

    F2137>F15823>MF15397>MF15266>Y200736 level: Y201092/MF178672- G>T (1G); Y201335/MF178693- T>C (3T); Y201130/MF178686- G>A (1G); FT176013- C>T (1C)

    F2137>F15823>MF15397>MF15266>PF4449 level: PF4449- G>A (2G); MF16176- A>G (1A); MF16247- A>G (1A); MF16248- A>T (4A); MF14333- C>T (11C); FT264067/Y189913- C>A (1C); MF15445- C>T (1C); FT332234- C>G (8C); Y228554- C>G (3C); MF15062- G>A (3G); MF15132- G>A (1G); MF15701- T>G (1T); Y189910- T>A (1T)

    We already have two older samples from Yellow River basin that belong to this clade, one is from Longshan culture (SM-SGDLM6, 2193-2035 BC) and the other from Qijia culture (MG48, ~2000 BC).

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