23andMe in speculative has me 48.8% German 16% British. Ancestry gives me a range of 15-70% British with a average of 43%. Western Europe is 0-45% with a average of 21%. Pretty much exactly switched around. I have three grandparents with German surnames but they've all mixed with British in the last 200 yrs, one grandparent Scottish surname mixed with German last 200 yrs. Do folks still view Ancestry as being unreliable?. They are the one that does'nt match up with the others, they had me 71% Scandinavian to start with. Read one article that said they switched there Scandinavian problem for a British one. Geno 2.0 has me Danish and German.

When I use gedmatch in single population mode I get German from a distance of 3.31 up to 6.0 depending on the calculator I use. Second is usually Dutch is that my known British being pulled East because i'm mostly German?.

Any thought appreciated!