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Thread: Presence of Peninsular Arab in Southern Europeans

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    Question Presence of Peninsular Arab in Southern Europeans

    This thread is meant to discuss the presence of Peninsular Arab Dna (Saudi, Yemeni, Omani, Bedouin) in Southern Europeans. Is this ancestry common in Southern Europeans or other non-Arab groups? Also,
    Can someone analyze if my Dna has any Yemeni in it? I have recently heard a story that my great-great grandmother may have been Yemeni.

    Coordinates 1:

    Jacob12086_scaled,0.122929,0.14319,0.053174,0.0277 78,0.036007,0.01255,0.010575,-0.000692,0.013499,0.00893,-0.004384,0.002698,-0.007284,-0.002477,-0.00095,0.004641,0.002477,0.003041,0.004148,-0.001,-0.003119,-0.005812,0.002711,0.016508,0.002155

    (Ancient) Jacob12086,0.0108,0.0141,0.0141,0.0086,0.0117,0.00 45,0.0045,-0.0003,0.0066,0.0049,-0.0027,0.0018,-0.0049,-0.0018,-0.0007,0.0035,0.0019,0.0024,0.0033,-0.0008,-0.0025,-0.0047,0.0022,0.0137,0.0018

    Coordinates 2:

    Jacob8118_scaled,0.125205,0.141159,0.051288,0.0268 09,0.031083,0.011156,0.012221,0.004846,0.011862,0. 009294,-0.004872,0.004496,-0.009514,0.000688,0.005293,0.002917,0.001695,0.003 674,0.004902,-0.003126,-0.00262,-0.003957,0,0.018677,0.002275

    (Ancient) Jacob8118,0.011,0.0139,0.0136,0.0083,0.0101,0.004, 0.0052,0.0021,0.0058,0.0051,-0.003,0.003,-0.0064,0.0005,0.0039,0.0022,0.0013,0.0029,0.0039,-0.0025,-0.0021,-0.0032,0,0.0155,0.0019

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