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Thread: Project update: R1b basal subclades PF7589/Z2118

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    Lightbulb Project update: R1b basal subclades PF7589/Z2118

    I created a draft overview descendants tree for R1b-PF7589. It seems to be the forgotten part of L51 but it is fascinating and may be a clue about R1b-L51.
    It's very diverse geographically.

    Scroll down a little here where I will keep a current copy of R1b-PF7589 overview descendants tree.

    PF7589 starts on subgroup 150000 or you can Ctrl-F/Find/Search on PF7589.

    P.S. I show the branching to P312 and U106 just as a general reference for L51 early branching.

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