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Thread: Which European countries would you consider to be the most diverse?

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    The question doesn't have enough constraints to answer simply. I assume you're talking about genetics. I also think it's likely you're not including modern immigrants in the question. So, if you're limiting the question to extant ethnic groups that have inhabited territories now associated with specific modern countries since before the modern era (pre-1500), then the answer is Russia-- even if you're just limiting it to the side of Russia west of the Urals (i.e., European Russia). Italy has everything from Sardinians to Venetians, sure, but the European territory now administered by Russia has hosted everything from Russians to Chuvash to Nenets since before the modern era. Kalmyks live in European Russia, too, but they came after 1500 so I consider their migration part of the modern era.

    Of course, one must also consider the Romani, who carry very divergent South Eurasian ancestry. But they've also lived in the territory of European Russia since before the modern era so it doesn't really change my answer.
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