FTDNA Kit 67450, YSearch DZ7XA

So I combined my SNP lists from BigY, Chromo2 and previous EA S series tests and plugged them into http://ytree.morleydna.com/ on the experimental tree, which popped out:

R1b1a2a1 M412/L51/PF6536/S167
R1b1a2a1~1 CTS6889, PF7589

When using the ISOGG tree in the MorleyDNA predictor, it highlighted L128+, which is way down in R1b1a2a1a1c1a3 land.

One of my earlier EthnoAncestry tests also found me S161+ which delayed my S136 result for quite a while. I just sent an email to BritainsDNA asking if S161 is either of these two new ones or if they could identify it so we can get it on the ISOGG tree.

It's going to be a fun few months as all these results come in.