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Thread: Momentary Downtime (05/06/21)

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    Lightbulb Momentary Downtime (05/06/21)


    Dear Community,

    Together with our host, we have discovered the likely cause of the frequent 403 server errors that many of you have reported to us following the security upgrade:

    We are proceeding with the likely fix with our host imminently. Please note that Anthrogenica may be temporarily down after this thread has been published.
    It is likely that the downtime would last a few moments and no longer than several minutes.

    For those of you who experienced the above errors since we had returned: please inform us of any change (be they increased or decreased error message frequencies).

    Thanks for your time,

    AG Team
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    Report any problematic content Adhere to Anthrogenica Hidden Content Discuss respectfully Be mindful of sharing user data (both yours and others) English language only in main forum area PM 'Moderator' for basic maintenance tasks or information about member suspensions or bans

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