According to what little info is available, I'm thinking K1b1b is a pre-Celtic, pre-Anglo population, possibly indigenous to the British Isles and Ireland.

My modern DNA matches show 49.3% chance of having relatives in the Ireland/Britain, most likely Ireland.

My Mom (and grandma) had black hair and a dark complexions. This makes me think that she was possibly "Black" Irish, which I take to mean the indigenous pre-Celtic population. I've heard speculation that early inhabitants may have migrated from Spain, but there is no DNA connection that I can tell.

Anyone else know anything about K1b1b or have different opinions on the origin? The best age I can find for K1b1b is 12,000+- ybp. FWIW, I think 12,000 ypb might be a bit generous. But how does a maternal DNA line last for 12,000 years in Ireland with an additional 400 years in America without mutating into a sub-group?

Thoughts, comments?