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Thread: Filipino YFull Samples

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    Filipino YFull Samples

    The Philippines has been relatively undertested, but has a rich migration history consisting of aboriginal Negrito populations, Austronesian settlers, Chinese immigrants, and Spanish/Mexican colonists. Based on leorcooper19's idea for Egyptians, I decided to compile a list of Filipino samples on YFull to learn more about their haplogroup distributions. Such distributions may be the result of sampling and geographic biases.

    Feel free to weigh in and/or correct any information!
    MDKA: Robert Boulay, b. 1631, Réveillon, Orne, France
    Y-DNA: R1b-U152 > L2 > Z367 > Z34 > Z33 > BY164497> BY3604

    Maternal Y-DNA: J2a-M67 > Z1847 > Y4036 > Z467 > Z447> L210

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