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Thread: Possible Iranian Iron Age Y-DNA distribution in different languages

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    Possible Iranian Iron Age Y-DNA distribution in different languages

    I found a table/diagram/tree with a a chronological proposal of the separation of Iranian languages and if we had Y-DNA data we would find some Y-DNA lineages in different languages with the same separation time around 2500 ybp. In our J1-FGC6064>M365>FGC6024 Project we have Iranian samples with Caspian/Mazandarani origins, a Erbili-Kurd, a Kakai and they fit in the linguistic tree.
    I always wonder about the antiguity and persistence of the Iranian-Semitic linguistic frontier since the period between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age with different Y-DNA lineages in the Iron Age (1200550 BC). Unfortunately Iranian populations are extremely undersampled and if we had more samples we would be able to find more Iron Age lineages from those groups.

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