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Thread: Baltic R1a - five years later

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coldmountains View Post
    Also Mordvinians could get it from Balts or related people much much later.
    Maybe they did. I however don't quite understand in which way a Post Satem, Baltic type of a word then could translate into Pre Satem looking ?*jškrš type of a word, if that's the case. Any ideas related to that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coldmountains View Post
    There was for sure no Balto-Slavic even Pre-Satem BS in Fatyanovo or anywhere near the Urals when earliest Finno-Ugrians arrived. It likely was not even present in the northeastern Baltics this early (CWC Baltic until 2000 B.C looks non Balto-Slavic). Also Mordvinians could get it from Balts or related people much much later.
    Not from Balts. Or any Satem language for that matter.
    Satem languages Satemized g in eger-os into z (ezer-s). So jšrza/jšzrš not jškra. But I am not that confident in Uralic to say it (letter k) was actually not a later add-on for whatever reason to earlier jawra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by parastais View Post
    Yeah, I think we can then be pretty sure that LVA_BA folk arrived from somewhere and replaced whoever was living there before.

    So, where from? Rzucewo (Because Narva, GAC, CWC mix)? Hungary (because some HG acc Arza)? Middle Dnieper (because classic)?
    Hungary BA couldn't have produced Baltic BA, it has too low WHG and Steppe.

    It seems that first the GAC admixture dispersed evenly among the entire CWC, even Fatyanovo. Fatyanovo and later Baltic CWC have equal GAC levels as Czech and Polish CWC:

    Then after this the mixing with Narva occured. It's also what works in qpadm for Baltic BA (GAC-admixed CWC + Narva)

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