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    What year was Ángela born? My great great grandmother, who was also converso, had a very similar surname and I will message it to you since it’s uncommon. FWIW, a lot of Italian Jews changed their surnames to assimilate into the majority Catholic society. A couple of the surnames in my tree have straight up Arab Jewish origins, such as “Busacchio”, which is an Italianized form of “Abu Isaac” (father of Isaac). However, the vast majority of the surnames in my tree are found among Italian Jewish families, especially those in Rome. Abruzzo is close to Rome so this makes sense.

    In my case, my great grandfather’s family maintained their converso ties up until the 1890s when they immigrated to the U.S, which is why my Jewish signal is so strong on G25, because he was an ethnic Jew despite being a practicing Catholic. I do get consistent Italian Jewish/Sephardic results on Eurogenes K13 as well, but the oracles are limited and can only break down a few ancestries. GEDMatch has a hard time distinguishing south Italian vs Jewish vs Greek, however, which is why I advocate for using G25 to break down those components.
    Wow! This is very interesting! She was born in 1736 and married Matteo Vitetta. It is interesting you mention Arab Italian surnames as the surname “Cafarelli” is common in my family tree, that of which alludes to Arab connections.

    Much like your family it seems my family fully converted at the turn of the 20th century, and the surname Judici and Cafarelli were prevalent until the same Time. They then changed to Vitetta and Pugliese over time, those of which denote place names.

    I’ve noticed too Gedmatch has difficulty separating Greeks and Italians. When I first tested i was suprised by the high amount of Greek on my test. But that has since disappeared on 23andme, although Monitbello Ionico is known for harboring some Greek and Albanian-speaking Italians. I find your line interesting, it seems interesting to my Italian line as well.

    Have you found success with any tests that seem to be the most “accurate”? Thanks

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