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Thread: Significant ancestry inheritance and DNA testing

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    Significant ancestry inheritance and DNA testing

    Is it possible for someone to not inherit significant ancestry from a parent in DNA testing? I'm talking like if someone is for example, 25% Middle Eastern, 75% European, but shows up in DNA testing as 100% European because they did not inherit the Middle Eastern ancestry. Has there ever been an instance of this happening?

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    IMO such a result would be more the result of a faulty or too global ethnicity estimate than lack of inheritance. From a grandparent, generally between 20 and 30% is inherited; the most extreme I heard of is someone who got 40% from her grandfather and 10% from her grandmother, but that's an extreme case. If you go further back, differences increase, you could have inherited only 3% from a certain gg-grandparent and 11% from another, so that can certainly give some differencws between ethniciry on paper and on the genome.

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