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Thread: R1b z301>?, South French, Little information to go on

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    R1b z301>?, South French, Little information to go on

    Hi again. Back here again hoping one of you might be able to help with a question I've been wrestling with. My grandfather was adopted, by a family with paternal roots in Angouleme, in central-south-western France. I was able to find a distant cousin who had uploaded their 12 marker y test to the Quebec project, and ran it through a haplogroup predictor. Unfortunately since it is a distant cousin, through adoption, I have no way of getting more specific results unless I start messaging random folks in Quebec from the same family.
    The top results, surprisingly for that region of france, were not only clearly 'germanic' branches, but after checking the top 4 or so on yfull, mostly seem to show up in England, Schleswig-holstein, and a couple in Sweden. Obviously there are several ways an English lineage could end up in that region of France, whether during the 100 years war(although Angouleme was, to my reading, never really under English Gascon control), or through the English catholic exiles. But basically I want to know if there's anything I'm missing, if there is more information about these SNP branches that I can't find aside from yfull, etc.


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    I am R-BY12112 my family came from the Santonges area of France
    y group R-BY12112 MTDNA T2b

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