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Thread: Napoleon's Invasion of Russia

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    Napoleon's Invasion of Russia

    Probably the best documentary ever about Napoleon's Invasion of Russia:

    ^^^ Russians used wise tactics there. Quote from the comments section:

    "Denying the enemy victory is considered a legitimate war strategy. It has even been used by Americans in the Revolutionary War to starve the British of resources and spread their lines thin until a decisive counterstrike can be prepared."

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    My 4th great-grandfather Adam Crauss was a soldier in the regiment of the Landgrave Karl of Hesse-Rotenburg and fought in Napoleon's Grand Army. According to Adam's granddaughter, he watched Moscow burn. I've read a few books on the campaign but still have no clue how he survived the retreat. By 1816 he was back in his home village of Ronshausen and married. In later life he was a carpenter so I've wondered if he learned that trade in the army and perhaps helped build the bridges at Studianka.

    Are there any other descendants of survivors of the Grand Army here?

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    Not a descendant but my 1st cousin 6th removed, Pierre Clavel, was a General in Napoleon's Grande Armée. He did not participate in the Russian Campaign but he fought the Russians in 1807 at Eylau and Friedland (24th Infantry Regiment).
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    Quote Originally Posted by GailT View Post
    Are there any other descendants of survivors of the Grand Army here?
    According to family records, one of my 5x great-grandfathers, Gottfried Kraemer of Prussia*, apparently served as an infantryman under Napoleon in 26 battles between 1799 and 1806. I don't have any more details about his involvement, so I have no idea what campaigns he fought in (obviously not the invasion of Russia, though). He came to the U.S. with his wife and children in 1817, and they lived in Ohio.

    *Edit - actually he may have been from Wurttemberg (though some sources say Wittenberg) which would make more sense in terms of the timing of being enlisted to fight for Napoleon.

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    My 4X grandfather (Jean Faucheux) would have been in Napoleon's army between 1806 and 1810.
    He was corporal in 1808.
    That's all I know about him ...

    I also found 3 children of ancestor couples:
    Gilles Baslé incorporated into the army in 1809.
    René Garault, (1806-1814), died in action on April 10, 1814.
    François Sourdin (1806-1807), died at the Ancona hospital in Italy on February 1, 1807.

    It is on geneanet that I found theses informations.
    It is quite difficult to look up names from the lists.
    There are still very many lists that have not been computerized.
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