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Thread: Who were the Pelasgians?

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    Who were the Pelasgians?

    And did they speak an ANF - derived language?

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    And did they speak an ANF - derived language?
    Ancient Greeks differentiated between Eteocretans and Pelasgians. By genomic profile, the former likely comes from an autochthonous Anatolian population, while Pelasgians were the CHG/IranN shifted populations, most prominent from Chalcolithic to Bronze Age.

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    They are quite obscure. Some of the ancient Greek authors lump them with the Thracians (IE), while early modern historians have developed the idea that the Pelasgians were pre-IE population predating the Thracian invasion based on the information that the Pelasgians inhabited Greece before the Greeks. If they lived in Greece prior to 1600 B.C. then they were definitely pre-IE. However, I think they were an IE-speaking population with a strong pre-IE substrate. The pre-IE population in the Balkans existed of course, but is it identical with the historical Pelasgians is another question. Perhaps there is no existing ethnonym for that pre-IE population. In antiquity, the Pelasgians ended up assimilated by the Greeks. Some lived in Western Anatolia together with even more obscure tribes like the Lelegi.

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