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Thread: Tomenable's AncestryDNA results

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    Tomenable's AncestryDNA results

    I just got my AncestryDNA results today. They've assigned to me these two Genetic Communities:

    - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland & Lithuania
    - Pomerania

    For comparison my newer 23andMe:

    And here my older 23andMe results:

    And here also my 24Genetics results:

    (the test that I invented, I've been working for this company since 2017)

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    I think your result just shows what I could observe in my matches, and myself, namely that AncestryDNA does even more smoothing than 23andme. I got a lot of matches which are Germanic : Slavic : Balkan and the rule is that AncestryDNA tends to give more to the dominant ancestry than 23andme. Like in some people with minor Czech ancestry, they have no Eastern European left at all. Similarly some people with Polish ancestry but some Silesian or Carpathian German one as well, get primarily Eastern Europe. More gets lost to the dominant one and this can be seen from one generation to the next. Like a half Czech person still gets their fair share of Eastern European, the quarter usually too, but with 1/8 or less, its not as sure. Same for German ancestry in Americans with British ancestry. Half German yes, the more distant, the less they get. Some just get a minor percentage of Norwegian as a last sign of German ancestry, even though its on paper 1/8 or 1/16 for example.

    Same here for you, because I noticed another interesting thing: Slavs, even if they have only German Germanic ancestry, quite often get English and Scandinavian if the German part is low on AncestryDNA. I don't know what exactly causes this, but probably its because some of the Central European element is in the Central European Slavic ancestry as well, and what remains is only the very typical Germanic ancestry, akin to Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian. There are e.g. Czechs with one quarter German ancestry which get way to much Scandinavian, and much to low German because of this effect.

    Its the same with you. If I see English and Scandinavian but no German proper, my instant reaction is its rather Northern German related most likely and you can almost double the numbers: (4 + 3) x 2 = 14 = what 23andme gives you for Germanic!

    Interestingly in some more Southern Central European and Celtic shifted regions like very South Western Germany or Hungary, its not Scandinavian and English like Poles, Czechs and Slovaks, but also more often Scottish and Welsh. Here too I suspect its because that's what left of a higher German ancestry compared to the local ancestral profile. A Hungarian with let's say 5 percent Welsh or Scottish and nothing else has more often than not recent German ancestry, just like Czechs and Poles with Scandinavian and English.
    Because the older layers of Germanic ancestry being largely not recognised, its primarily more recent German ancestry.

    23andme is overall more stable, their main problem is that their data base and sample references seem to be too small and because of that, their otherwise excellent segment assignment with smoothing does fail. If on a largely unknown chromosome with no typical ancestral profile from their reference data base just two minor segments are very typical for an ancestry, they give sometimes almost the whole chromosome to that ancestry. Like in my case a large portion of a big chromosome being given to Balkan, even though it can only be about much smaller segments and the rest is just not assignable from their limited data base.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riverman View Post
    ... (T)he rule is that AncestryDNA tends to give more to the dominant ancestry than 23andme.
    I would agree with this, except that I would emphasize that this applies to whatever AncestryDNA decides that the dominant ancestry is. For example, I am somewhat more German than British, but that did not stop Ancestry from showing "England & Northwestern Europe" as 58%. The problem here is partly that "Northwestern Europe" is really essential to this category, and only sometimes is this really connected with the UK at all.

    Interestingly, at 25% my "Scotland" is virtually identical to my "Great Britain" pre-2018. And the combination of Scotland plus 6% "Wales" and 4% "Ireland" isn't terribly far from my "British & Irish" via my paper trail, or my 36% "British & Irish" at 23andMe.

    In any case, the combination of over-emphasis on whatever they determine to be the "dominant" ancestry plus failing to fully recognize that "Northwestern Europe" doesn't just mean the UK, caused my "Germanic Europe" to appear as a mere 5%. I likely have at least that much in Alsatian alone, which one presumes should show up as either German or French.

    Also, about 12.5% of my ancestry is Menorcan Spanish -- at least in genealogical terms. What did I get for Spanish (or even French, or anything even remotely similar) at Ancestry? Zilch. This is at the same time that it does show up at 23andMe, LivingDNA, and MyHeritage.
    Besides British-German-Catalan, ancestry includes smaller amounts of French, Irish, Swiss, Choctaw & another NA tribe, possibly Catawba. Avatar picture is: my father, his father, & his father's father; baby is my eldest brother.


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