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Thread: East Iran in Antiquity: Silk Road and Central Asia outside the Paradigm of Trade

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    East Iran in Antiquity: Silk Road and Central Asia outside the Paradigm of Trade

    Princeton’s Dr. Khodadad Rezakhani (Associate Research Scholar, Mossavar-Rahmani Center) presents a case for late antique/early medieval Central Asia away from the prevailing paradigms that consider it a periphery of major world civilizations. Through detailing the regional history of Central Asia prior to the rise of Islam, he argues for the merit of studying the history of the region ‘in its own terms.’ This reading, it is maintained, would result in a better understanding of the place of Central Asia within world history. Presented as part of the 2016-17 Mossavar-Rahmani Center Seminar Series.

    The discussion at the end is interesting.
    1) Source of Gold for the issued coins of Kushans and other nomadic kingdoms of the region:
    -I am surprised mines in IMAC that have been mentioned as a source of minerals since ancient times, also famously also the mines of Afghanistan have not been mentioned.
    2)whether Balkh was associated with Zartushtra himself or Zoroastrianism. And whether an archeologically a fire temple itself constitutes a zoroastrian connection?
    3)What constituted a source of unity in this region (what Mr. Razakhani calls East Iran)?
    -Languages, religious cults in the region, underlying Greek influence in script and architecture.
    4) Did the inspiration for Shahnameh's Rostam exist prior to the Islamic Khorasan?
    5) What was the political system in place in the region?
    -He argues for a variety of systems present from dynastic Hephthalites to city state structure of Transoxiana.
    6) What constituted the border between east and west for dynasties in the region trying to control cross both sides of the Hindukush?

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